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Friday, March 4, 2011

training, Fri Mar 4

Daryl and Gabe Battle!!!!
Great Class! Tough, tough guys! We worked on Guard Passing + lot's of sparring!
Charlie attacking Jaime!

Jeremy, wishing everyone a very early Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jeremy & Max Battle!

Sophia and Jeremy working technique

Daryl, Max & Jaime working technique

Charlie and Gabe after a hard workout

Jeremy and Charlie Battle!

Carizma loves her Mommy!

Max and Daryl!

Max gets engaged!!!

Jeremy and Charlie Spar!

Daryl and Jaime!

Charlie getting the Choke on Gabe!
Me and Kidd with Andre this morning after training. He'll be competing this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Pro tournament in San Diego. Good luck!

NO CLASS this upcoming Sunday, Mar 6. We'll be at the tournament in SD.


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