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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daniel Pugh Blue Belt, Stripe Promotions, Mar 31

Congratulations to Bubba, New Blue Belt!
We studied the Omo Plata attack tonight and got lot's of sparring in!
Bubba has been training for just about a year with us. He has previous wrestling training prior to joining us. Along with strength, power and speed, Bubba is also a smart grappler with composure and lot's of maturity and is a blast to roll with! He picks up technique fast and he is good with and without the Gi! Congrats!!!
Bubba's last roll as a White Belt!

Bubba says good bye to the White Belt!

Andy gets his 2nd Stripe Purple Belt tonight! Andy had joined us back in 2003 and trained with us for a couple of years then took a couple of years off when he moved to Florida. He re-joined the Team and has been a valuable part of our team. Congrats!!!
Charlie gets his 2nd Stripe Brown tonight! He had a great showing at the Pans last weekend and has been pushing his training with Vigor. Charlie has been a Brown Belt for a year now and is working hard this year for more training and more competitions. He is a great leader for the Team. Congrats!!!

Dan and Jaime working technique

Manuel gets Matt in the Crucifix!

Paco's beautiful family!

Charlie doing pull ups with the Gi after training tonight to strenghen his grips!

Manuel keeping up with Charlie!


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