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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stripe Promotions, training, Tues Mar 15

Good Class! We did Competition Training tonight to the the guys ready for next weeks Pan Ams
I think Gabe really, really wants Daryl's arm!
Max gets Arturo's arm!

Kidd on Charlie's back!

David gets picked up by Daryl!

Ray and Gabe Battle!

Charlie working with Kidd and Christie

Ray and Charlie battle!

Bubba and David!

Arturo and Kidd!

Max gets his 3rd Stripe Blue Promotion tonight! He's been training for a long time and really loves his Jiu Jitsu! He has been making big jumps in his Gi game! He will be one of the men putting it on the line next week at the Pans! Good Job Max!!!
Jaime gets his 3rd Stripe Blue tonight! Jaime is always in class, always early and always the last to leave. Even though he's injured for the past couple of days, he still comes and helps the team train. He will also be competing next week at the Pans. Good Job Jaime!


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