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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Promotions, Thurs Jul 29

More Stripe Promotions tonight in recognition for Hard work earned: Daryl = 3 Stripe White, Dan 1 Stripe Blue.

We also handed out Certificates to Induviduals for recognition of Achievement.


Jaime: Most Dedicated

Dan: Most Improved

Max: Best Personality

Ray: Hardest Working

Charlie: Most Technical

We gave a speech on each induvidual and what they mean to the team...
Some tough sparring tonight! Daryl and Matt go at it...

Sophia hooking Jaime up with Kisses before the tap!

Ben and Ray! What an Awesome match...
Daryl and Dan! two tough Hombres...

Jaime and Andy! Match of the Night! Jaime is competing this weekend...Wish Him luck!

Charlie and Dan! Wow!!!


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