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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charlie Grant = Brown Belt! Mar 9, 2010

Congratulations to Charlie Grant!!! Chris Haueter and I presented Charlie The Brown Belt tonight! This man runs a very impressive Jiu Jitsu game! Not only does he kick ass on performance and skills, but he's a Team Player, he's a talented teacher, and he leads by example. Charlie has been training going on his seventh year. He is dedicated and loyal. He is a hard worker and everyone loves to roll with him! Super nice guy (Just don't get him mad !) *Joke*
Charlies first Brown Belt sparring match with Gabe!

Here, Chris welcomes Charlie to the Brown Belt!

Chris had a lot of good things to say about Charlie! And that was a heck of a match they put on for the class!!!

Ray and Jaime got a good workout in too!

Chris got a lot of rolling in with the guys! Here, He and Max battles!

Tito and Matt!!!

Kidd and Sean!!!

Andy and Chris!!!

Great Class tonight!!!
Good Job Charlie!


madmax said...

yeah charlie!!!well deserved!!!

Jeremy said...

Charlie, thats awesome man... great job