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Thursday, March 11, 2010

training, Thurs Mar 11

Great Skill training + lot's of hard rolling tonight. We worked some Gi chokes along with set ups and combinations.

Charlie and Tito battle it out!
Max and Sean work hard...

Kidd getting the reps in with Andy...

Dan and Matt!

Tito and I having a great time!

Ray and Jaime = Great training Partners!

Kidd and Charlie !

Ben! Still injured but comes to class!

Jaime and Max!

Good Job guys!
P.S. After leaving class tonight, Kidd got in a car accident :-( She's shaken up, but initally,doing ok. She got side swiped and flipped her car twice! Jaime, Sophia and I rushed out as soon as we got the call to help out in any way possible. Her SUV looked crushed and was totaled. Thank God for seat belts. Her parents took her to the hospital tonight to make sure she's ok. Please wish her a speedy recovery.

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