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Monday, March 15, 2010

training, Mon Mar 15

Lots of sparring tonight! Good technical training along with some good old fashion butt whoopins!

Josh trying to find some way to pass Charlies guard!
Megan and Sean! Both have crazy flexibilty, both are dangerous!
Josh and me got some great work in tonight!

The cleaning crew

Christie + Sean = great partners

Gabe and Dan! Two tough men

Daryl and Megan

Gabe and Josh! Two Beasts on the Mat!

Charlie does everything from cleaning the Dojo...

To stretching peoples arms! Here, he gets Dan...

Then Gabe was next in line...

Josh and Dan!


cgrant said...
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cgrant said...

Michio u sure know how to make somebody look real good LOL ! Was good to see everyone having fun and working hard !