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Monday, February 8, 2010

training, Mon Feb 8

I tell the guys..."Do not focus on your next Belt Promotion! Just focus on Improvement! The Promotion will come when it comes." But I'm telling you guys, the readers, that we have some guys that are making incredible jumps in their games! Their Promotions are coming soon!!!

Here, Ben works his technique with Max...
We spent a lot of time tonight, on stand up grappling....
Dan and Ray! Two Studs, working hard...

Max, Max Money, and Dan!!!

Jaime and Ben, in the "HEAT OF BATTLE!"...Ben did a couple of Challenge matches, At the end of class, that tested his endurance, Mental toughness, HEART, and Skill!

Ben and Max got the Standing Ovation from the guys at the end of class tonight!!! Those two guys, poured it on in a challenge match!

Ben and Jaime!

Max and Ben!!! Max, Also shined!!! these two men, went back and forth with the attacks!!! Everyone watching, were very impressed by these two men!

Here, with my Big Head, Got the vote for Best Dressed for the Night! I tell the guys, that looking good, is half the battle! As I came into class, Ray says, "What! Did you get sponsored or something!" Ha, Ha Ray! LOL!!!

Ray teaching...

Ben On Jaimes' back, looking for the Sub!
Good Class tonight!!!

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