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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Kids classes Oceanside BJJ gym

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"  -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Best Kids Jiu Jitsu school Oceanside

Here at Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA Oceanside, we have the kids' best interest in mind.  We work to get children focusing on the values of respect, honor and discipline.

We would like to recognize & acknowledge the following, hard working Kids BJJ Students for their recent achievements:

Congrats to Eric and Issac on receiving  Jiu Jitsu Kids Leadership AcknowledgementThese two teenagers have excelled for the month of January on helping other BJJ Kids to work hard and stay focused.
teenagers teens work on the values of respect and helping others Oceanside Martial Arts
teens excel in Martial Arts!  Fun activities for kids in Oceanside Vista

Children come to Jiu Jitsu practice, focused and ready to learn.  Hard work + dedication = success.

Oceanside BJJ Martial Arts Dojo for Kids 

Congratulations to Mathew on his first stripe promotion Jiu Jitsu Grey Belt!
coaching and teaching kids honor discipline respect Martial Arts Oceanside
Building confidence and helping Jiu Jitsu Kids to keep a great attitude

 We also work with the parents to make sure the kids are on the right path at home and at school.

Congrats to Ryan on earning his second stripe on his Jiu Jitsu White Belt!
The benefits of children Martial Arts in Oceanside builds kids confidence and increase focus
children learn the values of Oceanside Martial Arts training

In our Kids Martial Arts program, we want children to have a great time, work hard, and help others.

Congrats to Maddy and David on earning Kids Jiu Jitsu promotion stripes!
self defense classes for kids in Vista Oceanside are held in a fun safe active environment
Kids Jiu Jitsu program Oceanside

Fun Kids Oceanside Martial Arts training!

Cross-training with a tug-a-war game!
Kids Martial Arts classes Oceanside has kids working hard and having fun
challenging Martial Arts kids to put out their best effort

Coaching and working with Martial Arts boys and girls and watching them get so excited to Practice Jiu Jitsu is an awesome feeling!

Kids huddle up and go over game plan!
teaching BJJ Martial Arts kids in Oceanside Vista Camp Pendleton self defense Life lessons
In the right environment, BJJ Kids learn at an exceptional rate

Being coachable is one of the key components to having kids EXCEL!
Kids BJJ Oceanside coaching children to excel in their endeavors
Coaching BJJ kids, helping them to grow into outstanding Martial Artists!

Jiu Jitsu Mat time and BJJ Sparring, testing and challenging kids to rise to the next level.
Kids Martial Arts school Oceanside building confidence in children kids boys girls
Martial Arts for kids Oceanside, Ca

Kids have so much fun training Jiu Jitsu!

See you on the mat!

-Team Excel Jiu Jitsu

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