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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grappling X, San Diego

Congratulations to Jaime, Dan and Bubba! These men went out, ready or not, and put it out there for everyone to see. these guys fought their hearts out and they all came out for the better.

Thank you for all those that came out and stayed till the very end to support their teammates. Unfortunately, I cannot put everyone's picture up but i want to acknowledge Charlie & Beth Ann, Kidd, David, Doug (Dan's brother), Manuel, Francisco, Jaime and Jonathon (from Escondido), Arturo, and the family members of the competitors!
We had a Great time and saw some great matches!

Jaime fought tough and walked away with a lot of respect.
Jaime qualified for the Beginners Divison but fought at the Intermediate Level, looking for the toughest matches!

Bubba's first tournament and walked away a Champion!

Bubba crushed the opposition to take First!

Dan fought some Great Matches!

He is one of those guys that will put it all on the line.

and he walks away with 2nd in his division! Congrats!!!

I saw many friends from over the years. Guys that I have trained with, competed with, students that have trained with me at one time or another, and shared many great moments with! Congrats to my friend Mike, an old training partner of mine, on his New Black Belt and a great tournament showing by his team!

Also, my buddy, Nick Stefan. He had a great Academy showing! all his guys did Awesome! I wish I could put all the great pics up!


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