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Friday, June 21, 2013

Kids Jiu Jitsu Programs, self-defense for kids in Oceanside, ca
Kids love Jiu Jitsu in Oceanside
 Had a great week working with the kids in Oceanside!  We played, worked, played and played!  The key word RESPECT had everyone feeling good.  Our next Kids Martial Arts Camp will be August 5-9.  Pre-register 760-726-2279 to receive an awesome discount!
Kids self defense in San Diego
Kids Jiu Jitsu Oceanside
Kids Martial arts in Oceanside
Kids camp at EXCEL Jiu Jitsu Oceanside
 The Kids learned some Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Fitness and got some great conditioning in!
Children learning Jiu Jitsu in Oceanside
Kids learn Jiu Jitsu techniques
Kids self-defense Oceanside
Children Martial Arts Oceanside
 All of our instructors are well versed, enthusiastic, and caring.  What a great time!

Kids Martial Arts Oceanside EXCEL
EXCEL Jiu Jitsu San Diego, Ca
 Kids were able to pick up self-defense tactics in a fun atmosphere.
San Diego Kids Jiu Jitsu EXCEL Oceanside
Kids have fun learning Jiu Jitsu
 The kids were inter-active and made a lot of new friends!
Kids Boxing in Oceanside Ca
Kids Fitness in Oceanside, Ca
 High Energy with some one on one instruction!
Kids Excercise Programs in Oceanside Ca
Kids Fitness at EXCEL Jiu Jitsu
 Agility, Balance, and quickness drills!  Along with some strength, speed and stamina exercises! 
Oceanside Jiu Jitsu Kids at EXCEL Jiu Jitsu

 By the end of the day...the kids wanted to stay and do more!
Oceanside Martial Arts for kids
Kids Jiu Jitsu Camp San Diego, Ca
 What a great time everyone had!
San Diego North County Jiu Jitsu for Kids
Jiu Jitsu techniques for Kids
 Looking forward to the next kids Camp!


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