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Thursday, April 8, 2010

training, Thurs Apr 8

Started the class with lots of drills then we worked various triangle chokes from different positions.

Gabe and Adam, working hard during sparring...
Kidd vs. Ray!

Gabe and Ray got a great match in!

Sean and Daryl = good workout partners!

Sean working with Big Gabe!

Kidd and Adam!

Another great match up! Adam and Ray...

Gabe vs. Daryl!

Daryl watches as Ray and Adam work technique

Kidd shows no mercy on poor, poor Sean!!!

Good class!!!
Also, congratulations to Jaime and Tito Today! They both competed today at The Pan Ams, Day 1. They both lost their matches but gained valuable, valuable experience to help them propel their Jiu Jitsu!
No Class this Friday, Apr 9 & Sunday, Apr 11. Going up to the Pan Ams to cheer and support! See you Next week!

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