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Monday, April 18, 2011

Training, Mon Apr 18

Great Class tonight! Lot's of tough guys and lot's of tough matches!
John teaching takedowns! He taught positioning, set ups and a low level finish.
Then we worked on attacks from the side mount!

Charlie on the Big Man Joey's back!

Arturo sinking in the choke on Manuel!

Dan and Charlie looking for the takedown

Joey and Gabe Battled!

Bubba and I grappled and had fun at the same time!

Ray getting the arm lock on Justin!

Dan escaping the Guillotine choke!

Manuel and John Battle!

Jaime just bought a New Harley! paco helps him show it off! Congrats Jaime!


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Charles said...

Great job to Bubba , Manny and Arturo for a great showing this weekend ! Was a long day but was worth watching the guys compete ! Class was fun tonight as always thanks John for the wrestling tecniques !!!! Keep up the hard work guys and lets try to put together a strong team showing for the worlds in June !